Liberty Battson has recently won the 2014 ABSA L’Atelier Art Competition with her piece ‘Odds of an Artist Like Me’.  The work is a diptych created using 2K automotive paint, which is her preferred medium.  Each stripe on the work represents statistics related to artists with the top at 0% and the bottom at 100%.  The viewer decodes the artwork using the legend supplied at the bottom.  The legends provided at the bottom of the work and in booklets encourage the viewers to interact with the painting and try to decipher the art themselves.  According to Dirkie Offringa, national president of SANAVA, ‘young South African artists blend traditional and contemporary mediums and engage in current affairs and social discourse in South Africa’ and Battson is a good example of this.

Battson was born in 1990 and studied BA at the University of Pretoria where she graduated in 2013.  Her work can be seen in corporate and private collections such as Telkom, Sasol and Ellerman House.

Ellerman House features three of her artworks namely Oscar Pistorius, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong that form part of her ‘Stripes, Lines, Bands, Bars, Hoops and Streaks Collection’.  These works were, once again, created using 2K automotive paint on canvas where the viewer has to use the legend at the bottom to interact with the pieces.  Each stripe and colour represents a letter of the alphabet creating a beautiful array of stripes and colours on the printed canvas.

The Ellerman House Art Gallery is open exclusively to guests staying at the hotel were they can be taken on guided art tours and explore and engage with more of Liberty Battson’s work.

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