Ellerman House Cuisine

As guests enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, our team of dedicated chefs, lead by Executive Chef Grant Daniels, delight with vibrant South African inspired recipes.

Extraordinary attention to detail has always defined the dining experience at Ellerman House and Grant Daniels brings his classically inspired style with a nod to his Cape Malay roots to guests at Ellerman House. Growing up on the Cape Flats, just outside Cape Town, Grant’s passion for cooking was sparked by spending time in the kitchen with his mother while she prepared traditional Cape Malay dishes for Sunday lunch.

In Summer guests having lunch in the terraced garden may enjoy fresh and crisp salads, Kingklip and many other South African favourites. Guests may expect Malay braised lamb shoulder, venison and curries in winter which are typically South African comfort food.

“Stick to the classics and you can’t go wrong,” says Grant, who aims to create wholesome comfort food influenced by his traditional French training, while bringing in his Cape Malay heritage and a wealth of South African flavours. The restaurant at Ellerman House is so much more than a hotel dining room. “It’s a fully fledged restaurant experience in an exclusive, family owned hotel setting,” explains Grant.

Guest Pantry

The Pantry is your guilty pleasure. Fresh, homemade treats are prepared daily, making it perfect for a light snack between meals, or for grabbing supplies before heading out for the day. Cakes are baked fresh every morning and guests can help themselves to a range of teas, coffees and drinks during the day or night.


The cuisine at Ellerman House works in concert with our art and fine wine, creating an experience notable to even the most well-versed travellers.

As guests enjoy views of the Atlantic, patrons are delighted with vibrant recipes, highlighted by Cape Malay spices and Farmers’ Market organic fruit and vegetables.