Giving Back

Visitors to South Africa are charmed by the beauty of our landscape, the warmth of our people, and the depth of our culture. As South Africans, we have much to celebrate, and at Ellerman House, we want our guests to experience the best of what this country has to offer.

To create this experience, we have an indigenous garden, serve only South African wine and cuisine, and have a renowned collection of local art representing the best of past and present. We also employ a diverse staff that provides guests with the warmest in true South African hospitality.

To further our community contribution Ellerman House ArtAngels was created as an annual fundraising art auction, hosted on site to help raise funds for the Click Foundation. The Click Foundation was established by our owners in 2010 and imagines a world in which South African children, through the use of technology, can have access to a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the wider world.

Should you wish to be involved in helping us make a difference, the team at Ellerman House will be happy to assist you. “Through your involvement and generosity, you will share in the joy, excitement and pride of being part of this exciting country, where we can all make a difference in forging a brighter future for South Africans.” – Paul Harris – Owner

The Click Foundation

The Click Foundation was established in 2012 to find ways of using technology in education to pursue outcomes based interventions that can meaningfully impact learners. The current education system is not achieving the results our youth deserve so innovation and a different mindset is required to break this stalemate. The Foundation believes that, through effective implementation, technology can shift the paradigm and make a significant impact in an efficient, cost-effective and scalable manner.

Research by Stellenbosch University shows that “weak student performance in literacy and numeracy in Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3), constitutes one of the major factors leading to poor learning outcomes in later grades” with less than half of all students in South Africa learning to read for meaning in this critical period (Research on Socio-Economic Policy, Stellenbosch University, May 2016).

With this in mind, the primary focus of The Click Foundation has been the implementation of an online phonetics based English literacy programme in over 70 underprivileged primary schools, reaching more than 39,000 learners. The programme offers learners the opportunity to work at their own pace through fun and enjoyable activities, navigating their learning journey by means of technology.

Through these interventions, the Click Foundation has also created employment opportunities for over 100 members of local communities and has trained and upskilled over 500 principals, teachers and facilitators. More recently they have also begun piloting various maths programmes.

For more information, visit the Click Foundation.


Ellerman House ArtAngels is an annual charity event for the benefit of the Click Foundation and their implementation partners. The event includes a limited auction of fine art pieces – kindly donated by some of South Africa’s leading artists – plus raffle prizes and exceptional South African food, wine, music and hospitality.

To date the Ellerman House ArtAngels events has raised over R14 million to help improve literacy in South Africa.
For more information, visit ArtAngels or watch our latest video here. 

In 2017 we launched ArtAngels Africa and took the event overseas for the first time, in May with an event in London. For more information, visit ArtAngels Africa

Great Plains

It all started when five individuals in their 50’s pooled their considerable skills and experience to create innovative, world-class conservation projects in diverse and threatened habitats throughout Africa. Paul Harris, owner of Ellerman House is one of the five individuals and we work closely with Great Plains Conservation, in any areas possible. Their mission is to find the right formula of conservation, communities and commerce that would make a lasting, sustainable difference to the world’s iconic wildlife and wildernesses.
The model takes stressed and threatened environments, surrounds them with compassionate protection and intelligent, sustainable management, and funds them with sensitive, low-volume, low-impact, tourism. Communities are an intrinsic part of this model and benefit directly from it. The final piece of the puzzle is the guests, our clients – who pay to visit the camps we create, and through doing so, become our valued partners and agents of positive change.
Great Plains is first and foremost a conservation organization that uses eco tourism as a tool to sustain conservation programs. They coined a new name for what they do – “Conservation Tourism” – and define it as the use of quality led tourism experiences that are environmentally sound, with the benefits going specifically into making the conservation of an area viable and sustainable.

For more information please visit Great Plains Conservation.